"So out of the poem there rose and wrapped around an exquisite, silvery coolness, a delightful quality of distance and calm, a grave melancholy...a sense, not indeed of passionless vision, but of passionate, silent gazing at things a long way off."

                                                     -C.S. Lewis, "Surprised by Joy." Harcourt 1955


Never has television experienced a show that merges with a host the likes of Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney.

This is a network first for Public Television and WVPT Public Media.

While the majority of people go about their daily lives, rituals of survival, subsistence and too often average mediocrity, many unseen miracles occur around each of us at the same cadence. There are many who perform a task or produce a product, that to them is mundane but to the untrained eye are seemingly miracles! You deserve the miracles of life brought to you wherever you are, at rest, with family, while traveling, or when enjoying TV family night.


As you join Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney and tune in weekly your host Pete will unveil to you the fabulous environs of USA life that will embrace your day and open your eyes to both the charted and uncharted trails. You just might want to suit up and embark on your own adventure.  Pete Churney is your guide to the knowns and unknowns of

all we cherish in the USA and world – the great indoors and outdoors of human life.

Our quest with “Off The Beaten Path” is to seek out those people that offer you mystical and very real services, adventures, and places to see. Seek out the places they inhabit, where they work and play to expose them to your outside world in a way that exhibits all of them for what they are to you, “simple miracles!”.

Off The Beaten Path explodes onto PBS and WVPT with 26 full episodes featuring the up close and personal travels of national television personality Pete Churney who brings it all to life.  An explosion of USA life and its art in wondrous shapes and forms. Each month features a new Off The Beaten Path episode that airs twice weekly and features the basic human aptitude of just plain being sensational. 

The greatest of the USA is brought to you in titanic formats with respected meteorologist and world class athlete host Pete Churney riding point.  The spiritual advent of living in the great outdoors begins with Off The Beaten Path showcasing the magnificent(s) of the USA and its eastern offers. West Virginia and the great Shenandoah Valley spreading to the greatness of Washington D.C. serve as an Off The Beaten Path showcase.


Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney will take you to the sod of living life, trekking the outdoors, to regional merchants, and to places that replicate what the greater USA offers in like form in other states. The shockingly beautiful and bold regions of West Virginia combined with the amazing people circling all the way to Washington D.C. do represent what might be right in your backyard thousands of miles away. Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney will take you there and show you how you can do the same in many parts of the USA miles away from the adventures Pete brings to you from West Virginia and Washington D.C.  

Then it gets bigger. Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney and its episodic adventures will be taking your viewer challenges to visit with you. To visit your state, your county, your town, and your experiences as we explore all the USA.  

The adventure begins today.

A host with the most is Pete Churney. Nationally recognized former track and 

field great at Cal Berkeley, Pete toured the world in track and field competing 

against the world’s best. A journeyman to start his athletic career Pete Churney moved to a level of multi sports excellence carving out a world niche in finding all the hidden travel spots of continents around the planet. 


Pete and his wife Ivette tied the wedding knot in 1995 with Pete already amassing a bio of thousands of miles of travel and excellence as a national weather 

personality and meteorologist. Pete being the Cal grad remains a broadcast 

meteorologist, television and radio personality with three decades of tape and

stills. The trek stems from Monterey and California to Bangor Maine and heaps of carb loading pancake festivals loaded with that dreamy Bangor syrups. Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Jose, San Francisco, to the farm belt of belly USA  to the east and Salisbury, Maryland and landing in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The bags and cameras remained packed.


Pete is defined as the nation’s premiere outdoor sports advocate with his world track travels, extreme rock climbing, mountaineering, bold big powder downhill skiing, adventure sailing, fear class level white water rafting, sea kayaking amongst Great Whites, a noted triathlete, and all the while firing up his own plane to dominant the sky as a pilot. That is Pete Churney you’re Off The Beaten Path

With Pete Churney show host and producer.


With the Churney-armed background Off The Beaten Path With Pete Churney combines the talent of world class cinematographer Jeff “I got the shot” Salem. No angle, no height, no fear Salem propels Churney and his production crew to you and says join us in “Off The Beaten Path!”





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